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Betwixt & Between : the edge of chaos – Nov. 22, 2013

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Betwixt and Between” presented by Heart of Chaos at The Usuals.

THEME:  Betwixt and Between: The Edge of Chaos

Life is a series of thresholds beginning at Birth when we move from non physical to physical and ending at Death when we move back to non physical. But between these two major transitions we travel through a multitude of thresholds. Liminality is the disorientation that occurs when one is moving across a threshold to another state of being or another way of knowing oneself. In the liminal state, we stand at the threshold between our known understandings and identity and new insights, complexities and comprehensions yet to be discovered.

In chaos theory, “betwixt and between” is a boundary domain separating the stability of the known and the feared chaos of the unknown. It’s called “the edge of chaos.” In this region an open system like a human being loses enough coherency and stability to be open to change, transformation, and reorganization—but not so much as to collapse into confusion and chaos. It is betwixt and between the familiar and the unpredictable where the two come together in a co-creative way. It is also the source of inspiration and the muse that artists pray for.

This exhibit is a visual translation of this journey through a state of liminality where one’s identity is suspended, one’s inner grounds shifts and the mind and heart are open to the outpouring of inspiration and insight from the deep recesses of one’s own psyche.

LOCATION: The Usuals, 1020 The Alameda, San Jose, CA 95126

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, Nov. 22nd, 7pm – 10pm FREE

Over 20 artists displaying art, live music and poetry.


“Life & Death” Friday Aug. 23rd at The Usuals. 7-10pm


Heart of Chaos

“Life & Death” presented by Heart of Chaos at The Usuals.
Friday Aug.23rd, 2013 7pm-10pm

THEME: Life and Death: An Exhibit of Contrasts

When the energetic force that animates the physical body manifests for all to see and feel.

When the energetic force that animates the physical body withdraws leaving an empty shell with a marked decrease in resemblance to the living organism.

Life is terminal. Death a mystery. Carlos Castañeda’s spiritual teacher Don Juan advised him to keep death on his left shoulder. He meant let an awareness of death inform your life and teach you how to live fully. This exhibit is an exploration of how those two realities intertwine and play off each other in a net of time and space. Join us for a compelling expression of this dynamic dance of contrasts.

– Beats provided by Joe Kidd throughout the evening

– Poetry  by Ruben Alexander Barron, Alyssa Kimiko and Enoc Lira


– 35 confirmed VISUAL ARTIST:

Michael Denning / Miguel Machuca / Basic Lee / Tulio Flores / Ana Villafañe / Jaclyn Alderete / Michael Foley / Mireya Villanueva / Steven Herman / Tyson Johnston / Urbano Espinosa / Maggie So / Alexandria Perez / Greg Kerekes  / Anthony Barbaria / Erica Atreya / Jarid Duran / Jesse Cupp / Chelsi Whiting / Matthew R. Lopez / Sean Vincent Vallor / Yolanda Guerra / RA Barron / Free Barron / Eric Shaffer / David Canavese / Carolann Espino / Leeonnista / Jesse Huelsenkamp /  Manda Bukes / Eli Lippert / SKOP / Adam Espino / Carlos Rodriguez / John Cloud / Angel Guard Noon / Anabella Pinon / Freddie Vega

The Usuals, 1020 The Alameda, San Jose, CA 95126


Face Book event page:

This is 1 of 4 events during the The Midtown Beat art walk in and around The Alameda.

The Usuals
1020 The Alameda – 7-10pm
“Life & Death” presented by Heart of Chaos

The Arsenal, Art Supply
1202 The Alameda- 7-10 pm
(show info is pending)

The Art Boutiki
Comics & Graphic Novels
44 Race ST – 7-10:30 pm
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Current Tattooing
48 Race Street – 7-10:30
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