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By the Artist for the Artist
Soul Revolution, the official publication of Heart of Chaos, personifies the electrifying essence of this artisan collective. Emerging, essential, evolving expressions of creativity fill its pages in stunning color and dynamic copy.

The poems, reviews, articles, interviews, art, and photographs of emerging artists are designed to inspire and evoke a desire for authenticity and meaning. Regardless of medium, these largely under-recognized artists whom we strive to identify and spotlight are the visionaries and prophets of the larger community. Their work—whether it be music, writing, photography, film, dance, design, or 2- and 3-dimensional art—celebrates diversity andindividuality. The common thread that weaves them together is the passion they bring to their creative expressions. They teach through the clarity of their example, liberating our gifts and giving young and old the courage to express their own. We need them and they need a forum. Soul Revolution fulfills those needs.

The design team at Soul Revolution magazine appreciates your support, dear reader, and hope that you will participate in some way as we forge the vortex through which these creative expressions can emerge and blossom. This is indeed a revolution of the soul, creation from the inside out fueled by the fire that burns endlessly at the heart of chaos.

To get your copy for only $20, please contact Freddie Vega.

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Editor’s Words

Unconventional painter and mixed media artist Marcel Duchamp, who incessantly probed the boundaries of art, once said “I don’t believe in art, I believe in artists.” I do too. This magazine was conceived months ago, maybe years ago, by all the artists I have met in my life. They intrigued me and their personal stories inspired me. Unwittingly, they lit a fire within me that burns brightly today and has provided the fuel for my art and design and ultimately for the creation of Soul Revolution.

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The idea of creating a magazine devoted to emerging artists appealed to me right away. I wanted to share the stories of those individuals whose desire to create art shaped their journeys in a profound way. I believe we are wired for stories. They speak to us in a way that other information does not. And the stories shared in these pages were written to energize the reader and act as catalyst to spark their own unique creativity. It is my hope dear reader that reading another’s story will renew your desire for authenticity and expression.

How these individuals, introduced in the following pages, contribute to our community, by painting murals, creating songs that make our hearts sing and our bodies move in rhythm and writing poems that reduce complexity to essence has not been quantified. Yet most agree that arists in all mediums add vision and the promise of meaning to the larger community. We need them.

Soul Revolution shines a spotlight on those emerging and often under-recognized artists to help support them on their journey toward recognition and success while nourishing in turn the readers’ deepest desire to create and find their personal muse.

Are you following your vision. How can we help? Drop us a line and let us know.

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