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Heart of Chaos & Art Boutiki present ” Transitions” by John Cloud

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John Cloud

San Jose based art collective, Heart of Chaos, is proud to present Transitions, a solo show featuring the unique, modern, and surrealistic styles of local artist John Cloud. On Friday, June 27, Cloud will bring his exotic vision to San Jose’s swankiest spot for comic books, graphic novels, and cool stuff: SLG Publishing’s Art Boutiki & Gallery!

John Cloud, an accomplished graphic novelist and illustrator, has been honing his craft for 18 years. As well as having his illustrations internationally distributed, Cloud is a muralist, with several works on public display in the Bay Area. Transitions is a limited time solo show and will feature highlights of Cloud’s illustrious career as a professional artist infused with a number of his fresh, new works.

The evening will feature live music and live painting by other local artists and is COMPLETELY FREE!!
Transitions will be open to the public Friday, June 27, 2014, from 7pm to 10pm

SLG Publishing’s Art Boutiki & Gallery 44 Race Street San Jose, CA 95126

McKinley Elementary School community mural & garden

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What an amazing effort by our community to make this school garden and mural possible.  Thank you to Mckenley Elementary School, Veggielution, Living Better Lives, and all the wonderful local members of our community.  Also, a big thank you to spear head artist Mike Borja and his right hand assistant Freddie Vega for the beautiful mural. Read the Veggielution story here.


Betwixt & Between : the edge of chaos – Nov. 22, 2013

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Betwixt and Between” presented by Heart of Chaos at The Usuals.

THEME:  Betwixt and Between: The Edge of Chaos

Life is a series of thresholds beginning at Birth when we move from non physical to physical and ending at Death when we move back to non physical. But between these two major transitions we travel through a multitude of thresholds. Liminality is the disorientation that occurs when one is moving across a threshold to another state of being or another way of knowing oneself. In the liminal state, we stand at the threshold between our known understandings and identity and new insights, complexities and comprehensions yet to be discovered.

In chaos theory, “betwixt and between” is a boundary domain separating the stability of the known and the feared chaos of the unknown. It’s called “the edge of chaos.” In this region an open system like a human being loses enough coherency and stability to be open to change, transformation, and reorganization—but not so much as to collapse into confusion and chaos. It is betwixt and between the familiar and the unpredictable where the two come together in a co-creative way. It is also the source of inspiration and the muse that artists pray for.

This exhibit is a visual translation of this journey through a state of liminality where one’s identity is suspended, one’s inner grounds shifts and the mind and heart are open to the outpouring of inspiration and insight from the deep recesses of one’s own psyche.

LOCATION: The Usuals, 1020 The Alameda, San Jose, CA 95126

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, Nov. 22nd, 7pm – 10pm FREE

Over 20 artists displaying art, live music and poetry.