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Heart of Chaos is a program of Catalyst for Youth’s “incubator” initiative. All funding for Heart of Chaos is provided through donations and sponsorships through Catalyst for Youth.


About Catalyst for Youth
Catalyst for Youth is a public charity and educational nonprofit that provides non-traditional support, resources and opportunities for at risk youth and young adults. Catalyst Youth Growing Businesses is an “incubator” initiative whereby youth-created and led individual businesses, programs and projects receive support and technical assistance to develop into independent nonprofit and for-profit small and medium-sized enterprises. This initiative is part of Catalyst’s broader work on supporting individual innovation and entrepreneurship in young adults.

Catalyst seeks funds for capacity building of its incubator initiative and support to develop knowledge resources for incubator-grown business managers while addressing the financial constraints faced by entrepreneurs and new businesses. Its special emphasis on the need of under-recognized and underserved teens and young adults to develop their creative voice and share it with the community is aligned with research on building community and connection with marginalized and alienated youth.

More Information: Visit the Catalyst for Youth Website


Heart of Chaos is a volunteer run organization. Our livelihood is based upon volunteers and donations to the non-profit Catalyst for Youth.
You can donate online by clicking the button below:


Or by mailing a check (payable to Catalyst for Youth) to:
Joanne Hobbs – Catalyst for Youth
c/o Heart of Chaos
1724 Alberta Avenue
San Jose, CA 95125

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