Miguel Machuca

mikki-bioMy influences are eclectic; ancient cultures, elder’s wisdom and mysticism combined with elements and ideas embodied in global street culture. It is the voice of the old soul speaking with the language and color of today.My Visions are rooted in a natural ability to manipulate shape and color, creating depth in the images that fascinate me and viewers alike. Honest in sharing my personal views of the world around me. To be blunt, my work is like none other. I used to rock characters that embodied the attitude of youth. It was something that my friends could relate to. I have established myself as a seasoned painter, Visual Artist, a technician. My techniques are self-taught, as I graduated from crayons to pencils and pens, airbrush to spray paint and finally to paint brushes. My appreciation of form is visible to anyone who understands balance. My experiences are illustrated into ideas that take shape and color, sometimes in abstract form. My presence is always apparent although I reveal an aspect of Myself that is different from the last piece completed.

One of my latest body of work is entitled “The Initiation of an Artist”, and is a culmination of past and current work. A good portion of my work is oil and acrylic paint on canvas, but there are a few exceptions that consist of mixed medium, as I have a qualified eye and passion for texture as well. There are elements of symbolism and rhythm embedded my work, combined with movement and interaction between form and the colors that establish the abstract mood of each individual piece. The series in entirety is a genuine, graceful, and an honest glimpse into the light and dark depths the imagination of the skillful hands that provides the viewing experience. So what’s next for me? I suspect a lot of empty paint tubes and much success. Everyday brings new experiences to draw inspiration from.

Check out Miguel’s entry in the SEED Exhibit, March 2013.

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