Tulio Flores

Tulio FloresTulio Flores, is a decorated and accomplished artist, based out of San Jose, California. He works with a range of mediums and his boundless commitment to working with many different materials makes his canvas limitless.

Tulio channels his life lessons and his daily stress into his canvas. With color his work aims to illustrate all the colors of his life. Every piece Tulio creates has an elaborate backstory. And the story of any one piece in a collection has an interesting connection with every other piece.

Tulio sees painting as a means of communication. To Tulio art is “a way of converting [his] negative feelings into something positive.” In the same way he transform his feelings, he transforms his art. He uses recycled items and creates art. Making completely unique pieces, out of found objects. He likes to find objects that were thrown away and then give them a new life as part of my artwork.

The majority of his art is mixed media work. He uses recyclable found objects such as: wax, wood, metal objects, string, feathers, and plants, combined with oil based paint.

“Art is my expressive outlook, it allows me to channel everything difficult in my days into vibrant colors.”

In a time where the art community, and the culture of art, is generally concerned with reflecting the starkeness and solemness of the world, Tulio’s work is a refreshing reminder that art can be used, not only to portray the harshness of our days but that art can also be used to celebrate the ups-and-downs of our lives, his work tries to show us us all that there is beauty in everything.

Learn More about Tulio
Website: http://tulioflores.com/
Check out Tulio’s entry in the SEED Exhibit, March 2013.

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