Michael Foley

Michael FoleyMichael Foley is a self taught Bay Area artist who regularly shows nationally and internationally.  Michael’s work has a decidedly sardonic bent, he delights in poking fun at every aspect of society.  Romantics, hipsters, tweekers and yuppies, no one is safe from his piercing wit.  However, Michael’s use of saturated colors and cartoon-imagery serves to disguise the mature content of his work.  Below the light-hearted surface of his humor lies a deeper interest in the human condition.  The things that hurt us and the things that we do to ourselves and each other to get by or to feel okay.

Michael has shown in various galleries and private exhibits int he United States and internationally.

Michael teaches various workshops, does private tutoring and occasionally does set painting and public art.

Learn More about Michael
Website:  http://www.onibatsu.com/
Check out Michael’s entry in the SEED Exhibit, March 2013.

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