Ana Villafane

Ana Villafane

Ana was born and raised in Patagonia Argentina and has lived in California since 2003. Photography became a part of Ana’s teenage years and that adolescent curiosity turned into a life-long passion. Her path through the photographic world as both an art form and business has given her unique perspective on both the creative and professional aspects of a very dynamic industry. For her, the goal is to catch the world at its most natural, to see the essence of a moment and the candid truth in each individual. Photography is not Ana’s only passion. Since early in her childhood she’s been obsessed with clothing and its creative expression, which drove her into getting a degree in apparel design. She enjoys art in many forms. On her free time you can find her watching movies, drawing, painting, taking photos and spending time with her family.

“I believe that in art there is no such thing as being right or wrong. It’s probably the only area in my life, outside of my dreams, in which I feel truly free.”

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