Al Preciado

Al Preciado
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Al Preciado has lived in San Jose for a majority of his 54 years. He is an Art Teacher at Bellarmine College Prep, a Board member at Works/ San Jose and a member of Kalied Gallery. He credits teaching with giving him the leeway to express an uncompromised vision.

Preciado has worked at a multitude of schools and museums, including the Jersey City Museum, Newark and Bowers Museums, LACMA, School of Visual Arts, NYU, San Jose Museum, Greenwich House Pottery, The Dalton School and dozens of workshops from the East Coast to West Coast.

Over the past 15 years, he has shown at the Blue House Gallery and across from the Pencil Building in Frankfurt, the Puffin room and Trans Hudson gallery in New York, the Cooper Gallery and Lorrilard 111 building in Jersey City and Laguna Museum and Santora Arts Center in Orange County. Locally he has had a studio and shown at the Citadel, Cannery Park, and the Alameda Art Works. He has exhibited at MACLA, ICA, Works/San Jose, ArtSF and the Art Arc. Recently he did a Solo show at the Bank of America Headquarters in San Francisco. He has run three separate gallery spaces. MECA in Santa Ana, with Kelly Griffin, Overpass( a name thought up by the recently deceased artist Tim Cottengim) and presently the TEN10 gallery space named after his 4 brothers and 5 sisters Some of Preciado’s favorite shows he has curated have been the Beast Figurative at Works San Jose and Sun Gallery/ Hayward, Que es Chicano show in Santa Ana, Dominance and Subversion at the old Art League, Racisms and Otherness at 111, Jersey City, and being a member Progressive Culture Works which spawned the incredible quartet of exhibitions, Cannibalism, Catholicism, Grief, Mom and Dad and later inspired Sex, Control and Desire. In Jersey City he co-founded Pro-Arts, an Artist collective and PAN, an Artist group in San Jose.

Preciado’s work can be described as emotive, roughshod and color saturated with acrylics and oils and enamels. His imagery is drawn from Mythology, childhood memory, Self-portraits, animals and his enduring obsession with women. The dog in his work is a symbol and carrier of his soul.

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