Advisory Board

Meet our Advisory Board!  The individuals below are recognized as integral parts of Heart of Chaos for their continuous support of our cause and influence within the art community.  The Advisory Board serves as a source of advice to the Heart of Chaos Board of Directors, and is comprised of individuals whose involvement will increase the agency’s standing in the community.

Al Preciado
Al Preciado has lived in San Jose for a majority of his 54 years. He is an Art Teacher at Bellarmine College Prep, a Board member at Works/ San Jose and a member of Kalied Gallery. He credits teaching with giving him the leeway to express an uncompromised vision…>>more

Ana Villafane
Ana was born and raised in Patagonia Argentina and has lived in California since 2003. Photography became a part of Ana’s teenage years and that adolescent curiosity turned into a life-long passion. Her path through the photographic world as both an art form and business has given her unique perspective… >>more

Jaclyn Alderete
Jaclyn Alderete is a San Francisco Bay Area artist, originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico. She draws her inspiration from many things; the human condition, social and environmental concerns and desert nostalgia… >>more

John Cloud
Someday John Cloud would like to paint a mural on the walls of a famous architectural structure, such as the Empire State Building.  Int he meanwhile, he can be rightfully content with that he has accomplished so far as an artist. From his comic and graphic novels, to his many murals…. >>more

Matt Gonzales
Matt Gonzales aka Mr. Philthy does a lot of stuff. He likes doing all this stuff. In his spare time he likes to do more stuff, and in between that even more stuff. This is the stuff he does…>>more

Michael Foley
Michael Foley is a self taught Bay Area artist who regularly shows nationally and internationally. Michael’s work has a decidedly sardonic bent, he delights in poking fun at every aspect of society…>>more

Steve Cooley
There is an old idea that each person enters the world “called” and that reading your life backwards can reveal interests and impulses tied to that calling. Looking back on his life from his current perspective, visual artist, musician and web programmer…>>more

Tulio Flores
Tulio Flores, is a decorated and accomplished artist, based out of San Jose, California. He works with a range of mediums and his boundless commitment to working with many different materials makes his canvas limitless. Tulio channels his life lessons and his daily stress into his canvas… >>more

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