SEED: The Origin of Inspiration – March 23, 2013

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What is the origin of inspiration? Some believe that an artist’s inherent nature, like the seed,
carries within it the complete pattern for the development and expression of his or her creativity.

As time and the right conditions ignite one’s artistic fodder, what has been hidden is revealed
just as the seedling finally quickens and breaks through the earth’s crust reaching for the light.

The SEED exhibition explores the origins of inspiration bringing over 80 artists and a variety of
artistic medias including photography, sculpture, drawing, painting and installation to the Citadel
Studios Gallery in San Jose.

One of the most interesting concept exhibitions of 2013, SEED will also feature artist portraits
accompanied by a personal story detailing the critical factors that propelled them to a lifetime of
creative expression.

Opening reception: March 23rd, 7 pm.’til late
Location: The Citadel Gallery, 199 Martha Street (close to Fifth Street), San Jose
Free to the public

Facebook event available at:

About Heart of Chaos
Heart of Chaos (HOC) was created with the financial & inspirational support of Catalyst for Youth, a 501 (c) 3 California corporation. The core idea was to provide a venue for emerging and under-recognized artists, writers, poets, musicians, performance artists and photographers to showcase and market their work. Mentoring through communication with established artists enriches both parties and fosters new ideas and inspiration. >>Learn More

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  1. We are an agency that would love to display youth and young adult artwork in our office areas. Is there any way that we could collaborate with your program to hang the artwork of young artists in our facility? I ask because I am familiar in the past with your organization and know that you used to do some of this. Our office areas could use the facelift that would come from young artists works. Thank you, in advance, for considering this proposal.

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